5 Star Wicked Sinner

Wicked Sinner - Stacey Kennedy


Asher Sullivan was once Remy Brennan’s entire world, then he broke her heart into a million pieces. Detective Asher Sullivan has always protected Remy. Now he’s crashing her wedding, dangerous criminals are threatening her and all Remy has left is an empty bank account, a serious case of lust for her gorgeous ex…and a duffel bag of cold, hard cash that might just fix all her problems. Asher’s protective instincts have kicked in and just as he gets his second chance, a secret that Remy is keeping could rip her away from him…forever.


This ‘Dangerous Love’ story is one suspenseful read that gets readers motors running and their hearts pounding. Remy and Asher are strong, engaging characters that easily pull readers into their story and the chemistry between them leaves scorch marks in its wake. But this relationship has history that caused some heart break so there is also some very turbulent emotions involved as well.


This engaging and emotionally gripping read has a fast pace and is full of suspense that keeps readers locked on tight while Remy and Asher tiptoe around just how much they want each other. With some twists and turns, the bad guys ensure that the characters nor the readers are sure just what’s going to happen and why as the danger to Remy escalates. This story also has a different and surprising ending that takes the cake and makes this story a very entertaining read.