5 Star Mate of the Vampire

Mate of the Vampire - M.L. Guida


He’s tired of being a cripple and wants to fight with his brothers again and Ronan Macmillian is given a choice --- a choice that could change his life forever. Pirates took everything Angelica ever loved and now she’s on the last place she ever wanted to be – a pirate ship. Neither counted on the attraction between them but with wickedness chasing them, they’ll have to be careful or seduction will lead them down a tempestuous sea and tear them apart.


Vampires, pirates, dragons, witches and mermaids, oh my! This swashbuckling adventure is one heck of a ride with non-stop, edge of your seat suspense and excitement. The characters are strong, determined and vibrate with sizzling chemistry and personality and their relationship has sparks flying and turbulent emotions that really grab the readers’ attention and pull them into their story. Add in a little magic, rum and snark and readers are completely, undeniably entertained.


The fast paced adventure has plenty of twists and turns that gets the adrenaline pumping and a demon with a plan, one that of course, could only benefit him. Hoist the sails and hold on tight as strong undercurrents, vicious battles and red hot passion keep the seas turbulent and readers biting their nails. With danger on the high seas and lurking under the water, readers can’t wait to add this sexy, entertaining and high octane read to their booty!