5 Slay All Day Stars

Slay All Day - Cynthia Eden


He was created to fight monsters. Taking out vamps, shifters, demons…it’s all in a night’s work for Harrison Key. There’s nothing else in this world for him until he meets her. He saved her and he intended to walk away, but Elise Aine had other plans. She desperately needs his protection and she’ll pay any price. But what Harrison doesn’t know…could just kill him. Elise isn’t human and she’s got big plans for Harrison. He just needs to let his wild side out to play.


‘Slay All Day’ is a bit of a twisted fairy tale full of suspense, rockin’ emotions, betrayals, secrets and a rip roarin’ romance that shouts “MINE!” to the rafters! The chemistry between Harrison and Elise is fully charged and ready to rock their worlds but this spirited relationship has a bit of an issue – monster hunters don’t have relationships… Lots of heated passion, emotional turmoil and some chuckle worthy, arguments flow throughout this relationship building and readers can’t help but enjoy the ride.


The plot is fast paced with suspense, action and excitement building throughout which keeps readers on an adrenaline high but add in some ‘really?’ twists, some ‘OMG’ twists, some ‘heck yea!’ twists and ‘no way’ twists and you get non-stop, nerve racking action with a side of fun and a courtship that defies everything that readers thought they knew because no one is who or what they seem in this energetic read.