5 Star Wild Atonement

Wild Atonement - Liza Street


Hayley Jaynes is a foul-mouthed shifter that is determined to prove herself trustworthy and responsible. She needs a fake boyfriend and her only choice is grizzly shifter who’s wild, done her family wrong and he’s so hot that she doesn’t trust herself around him. Marius knows he deserves worse than Hayley’s scorn because if the secrets he’s keeping come to light, he knows that Hayley will never forgive him. But in the Dark Pines territory, secrets have a way of coming out and when a rival pride puts Hayley in danger, Marius must put aside his guilt and step in or risk losing his mate forever.


An engaging and suspenseful read with a fun side, liberal usage of naughty language and sexy times. The heroine is tough but unsure of herself due to past events and the hero is sweet but riddled with guilt over past events which has lots of turbulent emotions flowing from the pages which captures the heart of the reader. But this relationship also has some sizzling chemistry and an undeniable attraction that gives readers that heartwarming knowing that this couple belong together.


The plot is fast paced and full of thrilling suspense that keeps the readers glued to the pages in anticipation and also full of some LOL moments as Hayley’s foul mouthed nature invents some inspired name calling between her and her brothers. Some twists and turns has a rival pride targeting Hayley with some nefarious plan which ups the excitement of this delightful shifter romance.