5 Star Need

Need - R.E. Butler


She’s a vampire that has been around for a few hundred years and she’s beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be lucky enough to find her beloved mate, the one male on the planet meant for her. He’s a tiger shifter who hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to females, but he has given up hope. When the coven’s restaurant is attacked while Cyrus is working, Cella races to save her beloved before her only chance at love turns to dust.


The newest ‘Vampire Beloved’ romance is one exhilarating, heart pounding read that enthralls readers from the very beginning. The coven continues to be targeted by the anti-vampire group, The First Church of Humanity and this time their attack threatens to destroy Cella’s world. Cella and Cyrus make a wonderful couple that has sizzling chemistry, though their relationship has a few issues, regarding paranormal bonds and ties which causes some emotional turmoil.


The plot is faced paced and keeps readers in glued to the pages in suspense as they wonder if a tiger and a vampire can truly belong to one another. A new paranormal being emerges from the aftermath of a deadly explosion and adrenaline pumping excitement and surprising twists ensures that readers never experience a dull moment in this entertaining and astonishing romance.