5 Star Beast

Embrace the Beast - Mia West


He’s otter shifter that folks say is the best river guide in the region with an uncanny knack for finding the hottest fishing spots. Everything will be okay as long as nobody – especially Mac – finds out that Nate Landry used to be Charlie Beauchamp, a covert-ops rescue swimmer who failed to save the one person he loved most. McKinley Greer is a bear shifter and nobody knows why he brews beer but doesn’t drink a drop of it or why the vids he watches at night feature guys who look a helluva lot like his best friend.


The third book in the ‘Grizzly Rim’ series is an emotional but sweet romance full of passion. The two heroes in this book have some issues that keeps them from moving from best friends to more but as the emotions flow, secrets are revealed, the closer to Mac and Charlie find themselves and soon the passion and chemistry is hard to deny.


The plot is fast paced and full of suspense as twists and turns have the two heroes revealing parts of themselves they would have preferred to remain hidden and forcing them to deal with those issues and move forward and readers can’t help but become caught up in all the emotions that flows from the pages of this captivating romance.