5 Star Hope

Having Hope - R.E. Butler


Hope Parkins is thrilled to accept a job at Ashland Elementary School and she’s looking forward to staying with her best friend, Treasure, a dragon-fae hybrid. When she arrives in town, she’s greeted by three mountain lion males and she knows that they are her mates. Owen, Ben and Nathan have believe they are meant to share a mate, but they’ve never found the one until the gorgeous Hope arrives and she is everything the ever wanted and more. Despite finally meeting her truemates, Hope feels compelled to help the female mountain lions who were cursed by the goddess, but will she makes things right or lose everything she holds dear.


Reader may hate that the much loved ‘Ashland Pride’ series is ending, but there is no better way for it to end than the fantastic and thrilling conclusion found in this romance. For the most part the story is cheerful, full of good feelings, inspiring, passionate and heartwarming as Hope and her three mountain lions look forward to building their future and happily ever after. The heroes and heroine are strong and lovable and of course, all the ‘Ashland Pride’ is along to share in their joy and readers can’t help but take part in all the loving feelings.


The story is fast paced and has a bit of upset and suspense as well which gets the adrenaline pumping and while providing no spoilers, there’s a bit of a twist in the curse that has the readers meeting a goddess and experiencing an amazing event that has them holding their breath during an exciting adventure in this wonderfully magical and heart pounding conclusion.