5 Star Gift

The Gift - Candace Blevins


Kieran and Gwen have been married for over three a half centuries, but they are having problems and in an attempt to keep them dissolving the marriage, Abbott gives them the gift of a shared blood servant who happens to be a trained bodyguard. Raised as a slave, Ajax excels at being a bodyguard, but his werewolf was miserable working for Drake Security. Arabella is a swan that was hatched into slaver but when the Swan Queen tried to award her with freedom, it didn’t take. This story starts on one Christmas and ends on the next.


This foursome romance is a passionate and emotionally gripping read that shares insights in the making of an unorthodox family that includes two vampires, a wolf shifter and a swan. The chemistry that flows between these characters sizzle with heat and passion and the relationship is full of some scorching hot intimacy of varying types of interaction. If readers are not into reading about kinky, bdsm scenes, then this book is not for them, but for others it is a steamy, emotional read with two heroines and two heroes that easily draw readers into their story and refuse to let go and by the end readers have really gotten to know these characters and what makes them tick.


The plot is steady paced and covers a full year of suspenseful and emotionally turbulent day to day events that would take place in the making of this kind of family including supernatural politics that have to be considered. The story also some suspenseful and exciting events as readers get the highlights from the supernatural war from this foursome’s point of view. Readers definitely find that once they begin…they definitely don’t want to put this book down until they have read every last page.