4 Feel the Burn Stars

Feel the Burn - Terri A. Wilson


He didn’t ask Fate to screw with his life, but now Remington Montgomery is on the run accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Who wants a king that can’t even follow the law? In her heart, Dai knows her mate isn’t capable of what doing what they said, but a thread of doubt weaves itself into her mind and it doesn’t help that her friends and family are hiding a secret. Would it be better to serve by herself than with a man she can’t trust? An old enemy threatens to destroy their traditions and Remi and Dai’s love will be stretched to the point that it may break.


This part of the Dragon Royalty serial is chock full of twists and turns that keeps the adrenaline pumping and the heart pounding as readers grip their books tight in suspense. Remi and Dai’s relationship is experiencing some major emotional turbulence as they struggle with everything that is happening around them and readers can’t help but wonder if they will every reach a happily ever after.


The plot is face paced with the suspense and excitement building throughout not only regard to Remi and Dai but also the other characters involved and with enemies that have their own agendas, it’s hard for anyone to know who to trust. For the readers that have been following all the plans for the royal wedding of the year don’t want to miss this episode because there is a couple of OMG twists that just may change everything in this thrilling romance.