4 Star Dragon Prophecy

The Dragon's Prophecy - Carly Fall


Eric Thomas is trying to put his life back together and thought he would find a good sandwich, friendly people and a little rest and relaxation in the sleepy town of Saint’s Grove. But then chaos descends on the town and he finds himself being saved from a demon attack by a female named Tirvu whom he recognizes as the woman who has been torturing him in his dreams. He agrees to help her save her people but if they do, Eric will be forced to make a choice that could destroy him.


A thrilling and suspenseful romance that crosses time and realms. The characters are strong, compelling and easily draw the readers into their story. The chemistry between Eric and Tirvu sizzles with lots of electricity and Eric feels drawn to her, their relationship is anything but easy, especially once Eric learns of their past. Emotions flow from the pages as the couple struggle with their quest and how to move forward in a relationship where they live in separate lives and in one realm their love is forbidden.


The story is fast paced and full of suspense and excitement as they come across ghosts, werewolves and vampires and demons in their search for the moonstone, but none of that comes even close to what the prophecy has in store for them. Readers may find Eric a bit wishy washy for a hero as he tries his best to deny who and what he is but his character does work well with the story and readers can certainly enjoy this entertaining story and its wonderful conclusion.