5 Star Love & Omens

Love & Omens - Carrie Pulkinen


Sydney Park has endured her curse of knowing how things will end before they even begin since she was a child which wreaks havoc with her dating life. Blake Beaumont’s ability of reading the past in objects has caused more trouble than he cares to admit. While opening the Museum of the Macabre, he joins forces with Sydney’s tour company and he can’t help but jump at the chance to rekindle their relationship. When Sydney has a vision of a closed casket funeral, she knows someone she loves is going to die. And if they can’t unravel the mystery, their haunted pasts will eclipse any chance of a future.


Be prepared for some chills, heart pounding suspense and a haunting mystery during this exhilarating romance. The characters are strong and demand attention from the readers as they race against time to stop Sydney’s vision from coming true. The chemistry between Sydney and Blake is enough to light up Bourbon Street but this relationship has a past and it didn’t end on a great note, so the story is full of emotional turmoil from the relationship and from their respective gifts that cause their lives quite a bit of trouble.


The plot of this story is fast paced and readers can’t help but become carried away with all the knuckle biting suspense that constantly builds throughout this thrilling story. It just keeps building and building and building…(oops wrong rabbit!!!). Mardi Gras is a perfect setting for this story which adds spice and the Ghost Tours in New Orleans makes a fabulous connection to haunting mystery. The story is full of twists and turns and readers can’t take their eyes from the pages because there is no way to know who the bad guy is or if there even is one.