5 Star Reality

Embracing Reality - Brandy L. Rivers


While exploring Australia, Skylar McNamara and Jay Walker visit Jay’s hometown, Morissey even though it is long gone. During the visit, lightning strikes Jay, granting him new magic and unleashing an ancient evil. They must learn everything about the ties between the past, his family and the Branches of Emrys if they want to survive the shadow mystic that will stop at nothing to control the magic residing within Jay.


Another thrilling story from the world of Others. Jay and Skylar are two strong characters whose world is about to be changed is a major way as the past and the present collide. The mating between Jay and Skylar is a strong, unbreakable bond that readers can practically see as it holds them together and helps them fight the ancient evil. Their passion burns hot and the emotional turbulence that stems from the unexpected situation that they find themselves flows from the pages.


The suspense and excitement builds throughout this fast paced story as the enemy’s draw closer and all the secrets and events of the past unfold. This story takes place over centuries and the author portrays it such a way that the readers can practically feel the span of time and the magic buzzing in the air. The readers can’t take their eyes from the pages as twists and turns ensures that there is always something happening, especially as the danger turns out to be a more complicated and long set in motion than anyone knew.