5 Star Pleasure

More Than Pleasure You - Shayla Black


Confirmed bachelor and son of a successful billionaire, Stephen Lund has to decide if get over his father’s transgressions or get out of the family business and he decides to use a temporary getaway in Maui to do just that. Skye needs someone to play her pretend fiancé at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. But soon the pretend engagement begins to feel real and Stephen is confronted with the reality that their lives are irrevocably changed and the decision he had to make is now one where he has to choose between returning to the life and wealth he’s always known or abandoning everything familiar to start over with the woman who awakened his heart.


A whirlwind romance that is sweet yet poignant and full of passion and anticipation. The characters are strong, compelling and easily captures readers by the heart as some heavy duty emotional turmoil flows from the pages. One believes the other is too good to be true and the other is a workaholic, so when trouble strikes it’s obvious to Skye that she needs to kick Stephen to the curb and handle things on her own, no matter how much it hurts. Suspense builds as the reader wonder if this couple will be able to overcome their differences and reach their happily ever after. The story is on the fast side as it is a short one but this story hits right in the heart as the author brings these characters to vivid life and the conclusion to this passionate and sweet romance is so very swoon worthy.