New Release Review! Night's Kiss (The Ancients Series #2 / Biting Love Universe) Mary Hughes!



I have to share this with all of you vampire lovers out there! I was shadowing a vampire hunter out to destroy all evil bloodsuckers but in a stunning twist - she finds herself teaming up with a tall, dark, & too sexy-for-his-own-good, Ryker who is definitely gorgeous enough to be a vampire finding the vampire king before some evil monsters do! Enjoy and don't forget to add NIGHT'S KISS - the 2nd book in The Ancients series by Mary Hughes to your shelves!





As a human who hunts vampires, I risk death each night I take to the streets. Bloodsuckers are stupidly fast. I have only my wits, my practice, and my weapons.


Oh yeah, and my rage.


Vampires killed my parents before my eyes when I was young. My revenge? I'll destroy every last one of the evil bastards, starting with their king.


But only one man can help me locate the king. Achingly tall, dark, and too-sexy-for-his-own-good, Ryker is gorgeous enough to be the vamp king himself. But the devilish arch to his black eyebrow, his white, unfangy grin, and rocking the daytime are good clues that he's human.


We’ll have to work together as uneasy allies if I hope to get my final revenge on the king—only now it seems evil monsters are also after our prey, and they’ll stop at nothing to see us all dead. And why are they having so much trouble finding the king?



Each book in the Ancients series is STANDALONE:




Kat is a human who hunts vampires, risking death with only her wits, practice, her weapons and her rage in her quest to avenge her parents by destroying every last one of the evil bloodsuckers – starting with their king. Ryker is gorgeous enough to the be the vamp king himself but the devilish arch to his back eyebrow, white unfangy grin and the rocking daytime are good clues that he’s human. He’s the only man that can help Kat locate the king, so she forms an uneasy alliance with him only for them to discover that evil monster are also after their prey…oh and also want Kat and Ryker dead.


The second book in ‘Ancients Series’ is an energetic, thrilling and exciting read full of flying sparks and adrenaline pumping danger. The characters are strong, daring and demand the readers’ attention right from the start and the chemistry between Kat and Ryker sizzles with bright electrical current creating lots of flying sparks to singe the pages as Kat fights their magnetic attraction with some feisty snark and tough as nails attitude. This relationship is balanced on a razor wire that keeps the hero, heroine and the readers on edge throughout as Kay and Ryker, each have the same mission but the their goals are vastly different. 


The plot is fast paced with non-stop excitement whether that excitement is coming from clashes between Kat and Ryker, Kat and her long lost family, Kat and her targets, Ryker and the Alliance, or Kat, Ryker and the monsters. With so much action and excitement flowing from the pages, there is never a dull moment to be found and the romance is one where the hero and heroine are the last to know.





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The Ancients series follows the BITING LOVE series




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Mary Hughes (written Hug-he’s but possibly pronounced throat warbler mangrove) writes smart and sassy stories of action and love. She’s the author of the Pull of the Moon Series, the Biting Love Series, the Ancients Series, and the Lovless Brothers Series.


She’s a bona fide computer geek and performing flutist. (And piccolo, but we don't talk about that.) When this USA Today Bestselling Author isn’t busy finding the missing </> tag or blowing her lungs out, she’s reading or binging on The Flash, Instinct, Wynonna Earp, or Agents of SHIELD…and petting the cats that inevitably end up on her lap.


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