5 Star Chosen Mate

Chosen Mate - Katie Reus


Leslie is quietly raising her son in the Kendrick pack after escaping an abusive relationship and if she’s occasionally lonely, it’s a small price to pay for her son’s safety, although she’s secretly longing for Malcolm, the pack alpha. Malcolm has been subtly courting her for a year and it’s gotten him nowhere but now that he knows she is ready to move on, he’s determined to make sure it’s with him.


This ‘Crescent Moon’ story is a sweet romance that brings smiles to the readers’ face. Leslie has worked to overcome her past and she’s ready for Malcolm to step up but vulnerabilities and doubt make her bit hesitant in believing that they are right for each other. Malcolm has been moving forward slowly giving her time to adjust to being safe and to heal from her past. This keeps emotions flowing from the pages and these strong, compelling characters easily capture readers’ hearts with their story.


The plot is fast paced and while it is on the short side, it has its share of romance, passion, suspense and excitement as a feral rogue comes sniffing around and instigating trouble and with a twist, the pack soon discovers that not everything is as it seems. Readers can’t help but keep their eyes glued to the pages of this delightful romance.