5 Star Hot Holiday

One Hot Holiday - Cynthia Eden


She never expected to have to hide out for the holiday season in the heart of the south, but then again, Haley Quick never expected her ex to want her dead either. But life is full of surprises and she’s in Point Hope, Alabama where her Grinch-self is sticking out like a sore thumb among a town one extra crazy for the holidays. Sheriff Spencer Lane can’t believe his luck as the most beautiful, fascinating woman he’s ever seen has just dropped into this life like a gift from the big guy in red. But as an ex Navy Seal, he knows that Haley’s hiding something and he knows how to be very, very naughty.


Be prepared to get very warm indeed with One Hot Holiday…or should I say one sexy sheriff? Haley and Spencer are two strong, captivating with some fiery chemistry right from the start but with Haley running from her past so there’s plenty of resistance as well. The sheriff is protective and ready to be naughty in several different ways (LOL) but Haley isn’t really a push over and she could be just as feisty and protective.


The plot is fast paced, full of holiday cheer and shenanigans as well as excitement and suspense as the bad guys come to town in search of Haley. So along with a few laughs and lots of red hot passion, there is some twists and turns to keeps readers on their toes and ensures that this romance is one spicy read that makes their toes curl in delight.