5 Star Hunter

Hunter - Rebecca York


She’s been hired to socialize a criminal whose memory has been erased, but the better Kathryn gets to know him, the more she fights to strip away the lies she’d been told. As they grow closer together, she knows every move they make puts her in grave danger. Does the man who named himself Hunter have the skill and cunning to save her life?


The ‘Decorah Security’ romance is an extremely suspenseful read with a wonderfully fervent romance that readers can really sink their teeth into. The characters are strong and full of life and the chemistry between sizzles with spicy passion that heats up the pages. But this relationship is in no way guaranteed a happily ever after as the hero and heroine soon discover they among a group of people full of lies and hidden agendas which keeps emotions running high.


The plot is fast paced and full of thrills and excitement as with every turn of the page another lie or hidden aspect of this fascinating story is revealed, keeping readers glued to the pages and vibrating with exhilaration. Stunning twists and turns also ensures that readers can’t look away as they might miss something and when readers reach this delightful conclusion, they just have to sigh in satisfaction.