5 Tayme Stars

Tayme - R.E. Butler


Tame hoping to find a soulmate someday, but he has no idea where to look. All he can do is keep his fingers crossed and rely on fate. Rory is a red fox shifter living with the owl shifters that killed her family. On a trip to visit her bestie, she’s carted off by a huge male and she knows she’s found the one male on the planet meant for her. While Tayme’s family and sleuth welcome her with open arms, the owl nest is anything but welcoming and out to stop her mating anyway they can.


This romance is another fabulous ‘Were Zoo’ experience as Tayme and Rory fight for their happily ever after. The romance between these two is ice cream sweet and spicy hot and readers can’t help but fall for these two strong, captivating characters and they work toward their future.


The plot is fast paced and full of suspense and excitement as the owl shifters do their best to pull Tayme and Rory apart. And with a stunning twists the excitement builds even more when Rory has to make the decision whether to remain in the zoo or if they will leave. The stories in the ‘Were Zoo’ series may be on the short side, but each and every one is delightful, warmhearted reads that makes readers smile, they are serious but with a fun side and every visit is full of thrills and sexy weres.