Missing in Action!


Hello Readers!


I hope that everyone had a Magical Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Unfortunately, I have been missing in action for the past while and it is a very long story but I am sorry for the inconvenience and I am going to give a few highlights of the reason why.

For the past 3 years, my family and I have been looking for some family land to put mobile homes on (we lost our previous home). Needless to say, 3 years is a bit much but various setbacks kept getting in the way so we pretty much moved several places across 4 states. My parents finally decided they wanted to come back close to where we previously lived and last January, they found a piece of property, only we got rooked and found out after we bought it that they wouldn't let us put mobile homes there. When we finally found another piece, we'll let's just say that there is a lot of red tape and hoopes to jump through to get the permits (flood zone, our houses are over 5 feet in air). Down to the crunch money wise and I got kicked out of where I was staying and had to move out in 2 days into my mobile home without electricity and water. During the move, it was raining and so I have been very sick, while trying to get the house in (Christmas??? sorry it got skipped) I finally have electricity (internet) & water (still no hot water though).


I will spend this month, catching up and writing reviews and posting them on all the sites (Goodreads, Amazon, etc...) as soon as possible. After that, then I will get the posts worked up and hopefully I will begin posting again February 1, 2020 here on my blog - Stormy Vixen's Book Reviews & on my Facebook page.


I am so sorry and I hope to share lots of amazing books with you this coming year!

Stormy Vixen